Weekly Inspirational Mantra

There are so many things that I want to do, so many areas in my life that I want to improve, physically, mentally, spiritually…

I try to do it all at once and end up being overwhelmed, stressed, an impatient with myself and my limits, which is quite the opposite of the improvement that I was seeking.

I was thinking that maybe, if I did just one small thing at a time, focus my mind in a tiny bit of task, and really center my attention on it for the entire week. Would that be easier? Not sure and there is only one way to finding out. I’m a very driven person when I have a plan and rules to follow, so I decided that the best way to implement my plan was by creating a weekly mantra, something to focus my mind for the next seven days, before reaching for something else. Nothing like a structure schedule to keep me going!

For the next week, I want to encourage myself to keep reaching for my dreams, silence my self-doubts and that little annoying self-critic that keeps telling me that I’m not good enough, that I’m not going to make it, and should give up before even trying.

Here is my weekly inspirational mantra:

Photo by Livia Lobo Yogini
Photo by Livia Lobo Yogini

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